Mandalorian Mike

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Being a huge fan of Jango and Boba I decided that this halloween i would be a bounty hunter. I choose Jango and began working on my costume, now while the party Im heading to wont be filled with any star wars fans as avid as myself i found myself putting more and more detail into my costume, thats when I stumbbled onto this forum and fell in love with creating something awesome. What stared as a simple halloween costume has turned into somethin i never imagined. I spend all my time working on this thing.. lol So Im quite positve that this wont be my last costume. Im about 60% done and ill post some pics of my progress so far if anyones interested.. Im very happy to be a part of this community now :) i think ive found my calling.. lol
Welcome to TDH. But you did mention something that you will soon learn is wrong. You said you were about 60% done, that is never true. You might be 60% to a wearable point but you will never be truly done. So again I say welcome and now say good by to your wallet and all your $$.
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