Working, painting, and dying leather


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Zam I Am wrote:

You gonna make zam purses? hehe best in clawdite fashion wear!
Well... sure... I mean we gotta have someplace to keep all our deadly accessories! ;) Jango and Boba have lots of pockets... but not us!
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Not one to give up on the stuff I already bought - I got my veil suede to come out "almost" perfect! :D :D

How you ask? By letting it sit out in the Arizona sun for a while! The suede I bought from Tandy was waaaaay too dark and too purple. A few hours a day for maybe a week, sitting in my backyard, was enough to lighten it up. I have to get my before/after samples out to show everyone. All I can say is that I knew this heat was good for something! ;)

Zam I Am

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I totally forgot about the sun bleaching it idea!!! I think Moncal did that to some of his shin leather at one point...
Slaps myself on the forehead! :wacko


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Yeah, that's what I have to do with the leather to get it to lighten up. It lightens up even more when I distress it but the Sun works great. My new house I just bought actually has a sun room and I left a shirt out there for a couple weeks and it bleached it so much it's half as dark in the areas that were on top :) If I do more leather..or rather if tandy ever gets more in!!! ..., that's where it's going. ;)