Work in Progress - My FP V2 Armor


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Figured I'd share my progress on my FP V2 armor.

Before I begin, I want to thank FP for his amazing armor. You'd be hard pressed to find a better, cleaner product. I know I've personally seen nothing better. The curves are beautiful and the codpiece is finally the right size and curve under the bottom. Thank's FP for the chance to be amongst the few to work on a set of this right now. 8)

How it comes, right out of the box... immaculate!








More pics to come! :)
Awesome! I just know you are going to make this armor sweet.:)

(Of course it will only be second best cause mine will be the best...);)
And here's the Yellow Zinc Chromate layer airbrushed on above that. I've used masking fluid to mask off the damage as I'm going for a layered paint job.

How it looked after airbrushing the US Medium Green and pulling off the masking fluid




Then came the right chest plate and the decal. I also had to make a few topical paint fixes to some of the scrapes.


Next up comes the weathering with a few black acryllic washes, scratches and topical paint weathering.
Did you actually start painting it at 8pm today? Man, if you can paint your armour in a couple hours, I'm not worried about repainting all mine before Dragon*Con! I realized mine is in poor shape since C3, so I better redo it before my photoshoot. I sure wish I was able to get one of those nice codpieces though!

Great work Bobby boy!
Heh... no, this wasn't all done tonight. I just was lazy about posting it all. I actually started it all last weekend. Tonight I've been cleaning up some of the scratches and scrapes I'm not happy with and started in with the black acryllic washes.

Thanks for the kudos guys!
Webchief, like the look of that sticker there!!!

Just to show all how on you are with your scratces and sticker placement... and how darn accurate the armor is! Here is a side by side compare!

Thanks for posting that comparison shot! I've actually fixed a few spots on it since that pic that were noticebly off and still now see a few more! Thanks!
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