WOF knee armor build up


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While taking a break from the WOF back armor, I started working on knee armor using his templates. Thanks, Alan. I started with a heavy plastic for sale sign from the hardware store on Monday. I got so into it, after taking a couple of days off for the flu, that I've done nothing else since and I'm ready to paint. I made everything from the sign at first, but the sides looked too thin so I remade them, as one piece, out of 1/8" sintra. That should help make them a bit more sturdy too. I think the two small curved pieces were both supposed to be on the bottom but they wouldn't fit me properly with both so I put the smaller one at the top to form a bit of a lip and to initially help retain the curve. I know they aren't exactly accurate, but I couldn't be happier with how they turned out. What do you think?






WOF knee armor build up: FINISHED!!

Finally, I added the finishing touches this afternoon. I hate the waiting for paint to dry part! I'm beginning to get excited... One small step closer to having a completed suit. All that is really necessary now are the soft parts and gauntlets. What do you think?


How did I miss this one! Great build & paint job! Thanks for posting!

The extra curved piece was intended to go at the bottom to help create the curved surface. I orginally tried one and a lot of filler on the backside and them sanded the curve but the fill wasn't strong enough so I made the bottm section in two pies to make it stronger, but yours looks great as is.

For my own I added an extra strips of plastic to the inside-top so that I could round it off the top edge a bit and for the dent. Ended up at about a 1/4, this also really stiffened it up nicely.

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