Wires and Box on ESB Right Side Need Identifying


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Ok, in lieu of a possible thread hijacking, I am posting this thread to try to identify a slightly new discovery that I am not sure if it has been looked into as of yet.

In Looking at this photo, Bobafett669 noticed some new observations in relation to some wires and a box coming from Boba's right side.
bobaesb_2 copy.jpg


I thought they might have been one of the wires seen more clearly in the Pre-Pro photos but upon further inspection I realized that it was the wrong side.


Has anyone been able to identify the mysterious wire, location or what the box is that appears to be in that general area as well?
What you are seeing the ESB photo is just the strap to the Webley- not a wire.

Though, I am not sure what box you are referring to. The only thing you might be confusing for a "box" is the sidearm holster.
I thought it sort of looked like the Webley Strap as well but it seemed to hang down pretty far.
The box that was referred to is just under his right elbow. It is behind the Pouch and in front of the Thruster. The strap runs right down the center of it in the picture.
The object on the right side is the sidearm, but what about the wire on the left side? it seems to pop up in every other photo of Boba, what is that thing?
Nope, the object on the right side is above the side arm and is all white. Look in the spot that the arrow is pointing to the thruster for the jet pack. It is just to the right of that thruster in the pic. It is white and way too high for the sidearm which is dark in color not white.
In another thread, the discussion about the wire or cord on the left side of Boba that is shown in those Pre-Pro photos has been slightly determined that it is a wire running from the chest lights to a pouch on Boba's hip where the battery is stored. Back when the film was released, they didn't have access to the cool tiny electronics we do today.
<img style="float: left; margin-right: 1em; border: 2px solid #000;" src ="http://www.biovitasteak.com/tdhimages/shoulder_braid.jpg" />Ok, I checked out the pic again, and I misread the items you were referring to.

First the "white box," is the bottom portion of the plain white or silver shoulder braid. It is the item I have outlined in orange in the photo below

In regard to the additional "cord," yes, that is too long to be the strap for the rifle. However, I don't think it looks like a cord. Looks like a loose strap. I couldn't find any other pics with that strap dangling like that.
Thanks for the clarification T!
I can't believe I never noticed alot of those details before especially since that is one of my favorite ESB shots.

E2K13 wrote:


Has anyone been able to identify the mysterious wire, location or what the box is that appears to be in that general area as well?

I have allways thought that the wire/starp mite be the wires to the chest lights. Just a thought.
I am pretty sure Tylerdurden was able to bring us all to light on the pic.
The final determination was that the white box was the bottom tail of the white wookie braid. The odd cord looking thing would be the blaster sling.
The pics you are referring to Phantom are on the Pre-Pro Fett and I did see in another thread a while back that the wire was almost definately the wire leading to the chest light.
i know for a fact that the wire on the left side of the suit IS the wire that runs down to a battery pack / on / off switch and up to the chest display . at the last con i was at , jeremy bulloch took an interest in mine and i told him that i had the wire running down to my side pouch , and he said " that is how we had it set up " . so there you have it , strait from the hunter's mouth .

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