WIP Jango Fett


Armor is starting to get put on! Still waiting on finances to continue banging this out, but I’m very close.
Armor is fully mounted and ready to go. My man of war jetpack harness/kit arrives tomorrow. I’m also going to start weather this armor but I have zero clue how, and I’m painting the jetpack but I’ve never done painting before. This should get interesting. Also it looks like I have a dremel ding in the armor on my right plate, I gotta get that thing out
Looking awesome so far!!

For the thigh plates, I am using 2 Chicago screws on each holster that will attach through 2 marked points on the thigh armor. I haven't done it yet but I can post some pictures on how I go about it. The biggest thing is just making sure that the holsters and thigh armor are exactly where you wont them prior to drilling the holes.

Here is a picture of the setup from Seeker's jango tips post:
holster setup.jpg
DrToothache where did you get the piece that rigs onto the cod piece for the holsters ? I seem to be missing that.
It came with my holster assembly that I purchased. I have seen it on Etsy though a few times so that might be a good place to search. It also wouldn't be too hard to make from scratch since it is a pretty simple design.

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