Wich toy cap gun should I use to make my EE-3?


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Hey guys, Ive did saerches, Ive looked threw threads,etc. So wich toy pop(cap) gun could I use to make my EE-3? I know I should use PVC grey underground piping,etc. but what gun could I use and how should I attach it?
I wouldn't use a toy cap gun, simply because the scale of those things are a bit small. Unless you have tiny hands. :)

When I made my rifle from scratch, I used a Crossman .357-style BB gun from Wal-Mart. I don't remember the price, but at least it was a full-size pistol to start with.
I found this one at a dollar store (it came in a two-pack)
The bottom half is the real deal ( for reference. )
pretty close, especially for 50 cents.
Is there an army surplus store near ya? Sometimes they have these bargain

basement type steal of 'uh deal accessories. Try them. You might be surprised

with your outcome!
I finaly found THE GUN to make my EE-3! But how should I make the part that conects the stock to the handle? I cant find anything! *cry
those are at Wal Mart for 5 bucks LOL i was there last night, but i figured "5 bucks.. damn.. no.. ill find one somplace else"
usin wizard of lights templates I came to this with plexi-glas sheets and a lot of bondo...

stock is piece of wood screwed in an aluminium grip attached with screws to the main plexi-glas gun. grip detail is also wood. barrel indeed is pvc piping... its really not that difficult, an I was done with bout 10 euros materials... plexi-glas, bondo, kit, pvc pipes etc...

an if i can do it, anyone can!!! :D

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