Why no sidearm in ROTJ?


random question, but it's something that I've always wondered. I haven't read all of the extended universe books or SW comics like some of ypu folks have, so I was wondering if there was any mention anywhere in Boba Fett lore or mention in any literature as to why in ESB we see Boba with a blaster postol as a backup firearm..... But in ROTJ they took it away, and he doesn't even have a holster or sling for his blaster rifle..... not very cool from a tactical standpoint. At some point you'd get tired of having to hold your EE3. /shrug.

Plus, with how they tried to make him look cooler in ROTJ than in ESB, I'm surprised that they took away his sidearm, which would have left another level of badarsery to him, having 2 blasters and more bling.

Anyone know why the sidearm was omitted in ROTJ? I've tried researching online, but can't find anything.