Who makes the best jumpsuit out there


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Thats what I want to know. I'm ready for my ROTJ jumpsuit here soon and I want to know whats the best bang for the buck.
I was going to go with SF b/c you get the pockets and what ever else with it. But he takes a while. Bobamaker looks great but the price is a little high for me. Skygunbro is looking good as well. Thing is time is not a matter here and I can do my own weathering. There might be others out there that I dint know of. So help me out here please.
I think the only way that could be answered fairly is by someone who's dealt with every possible seller and seen every item first hand. It would be all but impossible to judge the quality of any soft goods from a picture, and photography is poor conveyor of colour, especially for a neutral colour like these jumpsuits.

Not very helpful, I know. But that's my two cents.

I've only dealt with StarFortress so I can only speak about him. My jumpsuit arrived in 4 weeks, which is very reasonable for a custom-fitted suit.

These are both of mine from SFP. Left is a pre-pro dark gray, right is ROTJ. They also make an ESB light blue.

so far

Boba maker 1
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TK-409 Your a admin guy here, how about yall make a vote fourm? And the spats I just got from yall are awesome.
I got myself a StarFortress ROTJ suit on the first bulk run. It fits me like a glove, its extremely well made and very close, if not bang on, to being screen accurate. Considering the price V.S. the time it would have take to build one of that quality, you cant go wrong.

Boba Maker 1
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I saw someones going on a SFP jumpsuit run, I'm thinking its going to be $75 a pop if its the same run. And there is the time and price thing. Cant beat that price yeah it might take 2 or 3 months but I can wait.
got my upgrade flightsuit from skygunbro, excellent fit, great detail and the colour is spot on IMHO great price too;)

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I got mine from SFP, unfortunally he sent a ROTJ suit, not the ESB I ordered.. I can say thought that the quality is great!

Just a wee bit of a bugger that I ain't got the right version... oh well.
I just got one from skygunbro, very nice indeed. Exact color style and design. Even has the seems down the front of the sleeves, and the triple stitched short sleeves.

Best of all it took less than a week to get it.
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