White leather Stormtrooper belt


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Called my local Tandy Leather shop and they only sell leather belts in the 3in. width - the TK belt is 3.75in. They also said that they don't sell white leather and that dying it - generally speaking - gives ok results and that it cracks.

Any suggestions on where to find this or alternatives? I also currently have a 3in. wide strip of white elastic material that I thought about using, but I'd prefer leather.
Just did a white Leia belt and I really hated the outcome with spary paint, and the dye.(The maker is never pleased,always room for improvements! :lol:) Tandy does have leather paint called Cova Color. White is #22041-08 that worked out well I just recommend also spraying a few clear coats to help the paint stay strong.

Rudy G.
I bought mine from a fellow 501st guy.
Pm me & I'll give you his name (can't do it here in public)

Geo said:
You could also go to Hancock fabrics and buy white vinyl that looks like leather. :)

I bought a strip of white vinyl that I thought would do the job, but once you hang the holster from it, it collapses. Still on the hunt...
You can use thinner White leather, and can double it up. Use Barge cement to attach the 2 halves of the belt with the white side on the outside for both sides. It will give it a bit more heft and be less likely to fold under the weight of the holster. You can dress the edge of the belt with a bit of white acrylic paint to hide the cut edge.
Has anyone considered white 'synthetic' leather? Upholstery material found at the fabric store? you should be able to cut that any length and width you'd want.It would not be as rigid as leather, but could be reinforced. Just some thoughts.
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