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White Commando Site - see starwars.com for Mando Info!

Just Added! Star Wars web site has very large article on Mandalorians and shock troopers/super troopers. Article Date is January 13, 2005.

Still have 3 sets of darts remaining too...going, going, going...then gone.

Hey guys, anyone know the specific time in ESB pre-production, that Lucas and McQuarrie and Johnston decided to switch Fett from a commando to a gangster henchman? Any details? I want to post any debate or details about the character's evolving history (pre-history) as a Mandolorean troop, a member from a group of Clone Wars Special Forces Troops/Veterans, Fett as a member of a squad of "Special or Improved" Stormtroopers, and finally, being a gangster's minion as seen in ESB.

Brak's Buddy, I think you know some stuff. Send me all you can. Everyone that knows, you are welcome to post!

I will post as well in the end of the mesage to get position up for debate...thanks! - John

Go here and click the link below to see some cool gauntlet darts in the CARGO HOLD.


Lathed Aluminum Gauntlet Darts! YAY!


Hey guys, the real whitecommando web site is up - Click here... http://www.whitecommando.com/ and http://www.whitecommando.com/main.htm

OK Guys, whoever is going White...send some pics! GEO, SLAVEFIVE, CENOBYTE... Sad to say, we lost ShireFolk...his stuff is for sale.

- There will be a tribute page to Ralph McQuarrie

- Also Joe Johnston - He is from my town! Fort Worth Texas! I live in a suburb...Grapevine...17 miles outside of Fort Worth.

- I also plan to have a gallery of my stuff.

- Tips on making a white suit. (which, by the way, are less expensive and a bit easier than ESB, ROTJ and AOTC Fett suits).

- A members page...
CENO, I need to see pics of your white Sintra armor soon to put in a member gallery. Same to you SLAVEFIVE and CorbinDas! That means you are invited. Anyone with good white Fett armor may send pics to me via PM or links of however they like. I think kindredjedi, GEO and Shirefolk are wanting to do similar...invited as well! Anyone that I forgot...please let me know.

Later friends.

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Hehe...this looks like it's going to be cool! You guys are definately onto something. Keep up the good work and please keep us all posted. Can't wait to see all the goodies you folks are going to add here.
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In Photoshop, I go to command+I to invert to correct color...WHITE!!!!!

I am gonna get you CENO! My White Krylon itches for you!


C*E*N*O*B*Y*T*E wrote:

Um... I'll send you pics of my GUNMETAL armor...
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Hey TK,

I am doing my best to not copy you specifically...then poof! my avatar is soooo like yours! Oh well, isn't that a form of flattery?

I also appreciate the compliments, I am flattered. I did the logo. It is like the bat shape on the McQuarrie Pre-pro drawings. Also, secretly..."M" shaped!

Do you remember me? I am from Dallas. We have visited a few times. You sent me some cool pics of a neat trip you were invited to. We also do similar things at work...web, illustration, photoshop.

Glad you like that SUPER VERBOSE TAGLINE I put in there! HA! Wow, big nutshell for sure! I heard of a word...succinct. <-- Does not apply to me!

Later Friend,

John S. in Dallas

Trooper TK409 wrote:

Looks great! Who did that logo? Very cool.
Love that subtitle too. :lol: Perfect!
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Awesome John!!! :)

Trying to get the time upload my "White Fett" renderings I finished yesterday.

Will post them on TDH as soon as I can.

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Oh that's right, I remember you now! You even weathered the logo - super nice touch. Can't wait to see the site.
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Hey thats cool. You gonna have costume pics of every variation of fett on there?
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Okay, here's my White Fett Costume concept!!

Finally!!! :)

What do ya think?


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I know. :( I'm still trying to get this "load image" stuff. I keep geting an error on the uploading from the free TDH host. :(

Will keep trying. :)

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If you have any spaces or punctuation in your image titles, the image wil not work. You may need to rename your images.
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