Where to get a Chrome Visor


Hi, well my Custom Mandalore is about 85% done and all thats left is little touch ups and that kind of stuff. But ive changed my mind about the visor, id like to use a chrome visor instead of black. Ive been looking around for about 3 days and still cant find a full face one on the net. So, I was just wondering if anybody knew where i could possibly find one?? Thanks, Adam.
i think lab saftey supply company has one. It's rather pricey though. You'llhaveto seach for theur web address..i can't recall it.

if you don't have lucky, buy a cleared visor and add a window film, antiraylights or some, i use one of that films on my visor, but a dark black, and works very well :)
I found this one awhile ago:

I think they are $48.50 (much more than a standard green one).

More info here:
Also, years ago I picked up one from a bike shop. Just a replacement reflective chrome mirrored one for my motorcyle helmet. I don't know if it is long enough but you may want to check it out at a bike shop. I sold the bike and helmet so I can't check it for you. I paid around 35 bucks for it.
Hope this helps too.

Umm, Chrome Visor...Chrome Visor... You wouldn't happen to be going for the Rollin on Dub's look now would ya :lol: (jk of course).. But a Chrome Visor would be in the pricey zone, maybe check around in Home Depot or Lowes doesn't hurt to ask, if your luck is better then mine, you'll have no problem catching a SMART guy in either Store.

p.s. If anybody does happen to get lucky & find a Chrome Visor, I'd take one for my CloneTrooper helmet -
It'd be cool, but not neccessarily movie-accurate. It would look cool, though.
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The clonetrooper helmet lenses are partially reflective and partially normal black i do believe...
I think it would look really cool. I was actually considering it myself. I say if you invision it as part of your helmet, pay the price and go for it because your helmet is one of, if not the, most predominant parts of armor. I personally love the helmets most. Just be patient when cutting so you don't scratch it.
well...i am also looking for a visor which would be easy to cut and shape (coz i dun own any power tools and dont intend to get one).

any one has any ideaS? i'm frm singapore and most of the sh*t are not internationaly shipped...
I've found chrome shields fairly easily just searching on the net, since I needed one also for a clone trooper.

However, it looks like the majority of them are around the $40+ price range, which seems like a lot, but ultimately I think a clone trooper will just look so much cooler with the proper visor.
Yeah, after milling it over quite a bit, i think ill just stay with a black visor. Chrome would look very cool on a custom but i cant bring myself to shell out the $45. Someone should definately do it though...
I guess u could say that, its dirty enough. I was just going to post pics tonight but im having trouble with them. Ill probably have them posted by tomorrow afternoon though. By the way, thanks guys for answering my questions about the visor.
I had this same idea months ago.
Although not screen accurate, I really wanna use a
chrome visor for my Jango. I think that would look sweet!

Isn't there some kinda chrome window tint for cars?
I swear I've seen some cars with this stuff across the
top of their windshield. Maybe it's not see thru, though.
Wouldn't that be brilliant... not being able to see at all.:lol:


I'm a genius! I just made a quick phone call to the local
window tint place. They do have a mirrored chrome
window tint, and it IS see thru!

I wasn't about to tell them it was for my Jango Fett
helmet, so I acted as if I wanted it for my car windows.
For a piece of the tint that measures roughly 4 fett,
excuse me, 4 feet square it's about $15!

So there is a great alternative to spending the $40 +.
That's the route I'm gonna take!


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