Where can I get a WEED decal for my armor



Hey all, I was wondering(since my armor is GHETTO style) Where can i use to make WEEd decals for my armor?
Damn,, i didnt really know people would actually reply to dis, Well, yes, i do mean WEED cuz i plan to realter my new armor since my old got burned. I plan to use the WEED decal, with either red armor with spider webs or there, or black jumpsuit with white armor, or silver and gold armor.
I heard High Times had a mail in offer for the decal about 2 years ago, you might want to do a search in some back issues ..... um, yeah
Please, no offense meant...but that is the worst idea for a custom Mandalorian I have ever heard. Why not go with a custom scheme that isn't promoting drugs?
I decided to go for an ESB Fett after getting a negative response for my "Cokehead Mandalorian" concept, with a bloodshot-red visor and white dust sprinkled all over it. But who knows, yours may fly a bit better with the kids at the next costuming event you attend.
I love the cokehead one to.lol bloodshot visor, thats so cool. OK ill stop there im sure if I keep it up ill get kicked off.

P.S. ive never done a drug in my life. that RF into a bowl thing, well I dont know where I got the from. But I bet TIE fighter pilot with those tubes hooked to the helmet, well you know.
LOL,, I u might just use a nike sign or a phatfarms logo instead of weed...Thanx 4 ur help though
You could try an image search on a site like google.com, once you find a pic you like print it out on some sticker paper and there you go instant sticker.
No, hes mor eliek the oddly shapped mouth avatar I look at for hours on end wondering if thats his real mouth......:p
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