Where can I get a bucket?


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Hey all, I was wondering where I could buy a boba fett bucket I am trying to make one now, you can see my design concept in the black boba fett bucket link and I want a real one as well. I want one as close to the origonal as possible but I am on a budget as well, any help would be great. Thanks.
Sgt Fang has a real sale going on for his "mystery helemts" which are movie sized. Im not sure if there is a post still in the cargo hold but he has posted on alot of other topics. just search for Sgt Fang and you should find his posts. There is also a topic over at the rpf where he is selling the helmets.
I dont know what your budget is, or how much you have to spend, but there are always deals on the Rubies helmets on ebay. They are by no means perfect replicas, but with a bit of tweaking they should do the trick if you are just wanting a helmet to mess around with. If you've got more time, money, and resources though I'd suggest the SgtFang and do your own custom job.
I have to agree, get one of Sarge's resin Mystery helmets. It's a recast of course, so be prepared to work with a bit of Bondo and/or Bondo Glazing & Spot Putty, sandpaper, etc to smooth out some of the rough spots after you trim the edges of the helmet. If this is out of your current skill level, you may want to try something cheaper or have someone do the work and paint it for you. That depends upon your current cash flow though...I suggest Sarge as I have one of his helmets (just sprayed on a coat of silver actually) and the best part is the price, I think it was $110 shipped!

There he is good 'ol Sarge :D making everyone happy with awesome helms at bargain prices.

As for cleaning up, filling, sanding and painting it, well that's part of the fun isnt it? It really helps make the helmet yours I think.
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Free shipping???Guess maybe I shouldn't have been quite so prompt in my order...:lol: Anyway, I'm glad you're back up and running Sarge. I take it you've picked up a new PC and you're back in action?

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