Where can i find a MLC ESB blaster

Boba Al

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Hi there guys,

im a newbie on this forum... i have built a scratch built boba before but its far from accurate :cry so i decided to go all the way!

I am having trouble finding the ESB EE-3 blaster kits from MLC.

Can anyone help me???

Thanks for all the help.



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Im interested too and a newb I have a Heiland flash tube and thats about it, need a decent kit and have heard MLC are the business. Also hoping on a Bronze cast Webley replica but thats another project.:)

Muad Dib

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Hairyloft, I think he means the sidearm kit from ESB but I may be wrong.

As for the rifle, I work at a foundry and would think that a bronze Webley would be pretty heavy(10-15lbs?). Have there been many made this way here? I admit I don't frequent the "Blasters" threads too often.