When nature calls: a Fett dilemma


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OK, this is for all you folks who have worn your suits all day. My jumpsuit is a modified Dickie's with a zipper from the neck to the crotch. I was thinking that if I wore the suit all day (which I haven't yet done), I'd have to completely remove the jet pack, vest/armor, belts and cod to simply answer nature's call. I was thinking of actually putting in a second, small "back-up" zipper so I'd only have to remove the belts and cod piece. What have experienced conventioners done about this problem?
Actually you don't have a dilemma just get a two way zipper like we wore on our flight suits in the military they unzip at the bottom and at the top. These can be found at most major fabric stores.

but try to get "clean" with the gauntlets on :lol:

and thanks god the flametrower isn't real :eek: :lol:

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Go before you suit up, and you'll sweat the rest out. I've gone up to ten hours suited up with the urge to go. Like Bob said, don't drink anymore than you have to and you should be OK. When in doubt, take a break, take care of business, and then suit back up.

I do plan on adding a double zipper to my new jumpsuit, just in case I can't hold it.
:facepalm My Dickies jumpsuit came with a double zipper. Check again, 'cus I didn't realize it had one for months after I got it. I too sweat out all my ;) impurities and haven't had to drop trow and run, yet. My sweat stains were so bad after a con last May in the TX heat, that I added dress shields to both my suit and an under shirt. So far no more stains, but it's not summer yet!
With the "reverse zipper" on the jumpsuit, the only thing I have to remove for that situation at cons is the codpiece and belts. You can use the bathroom with the vest and jet pack still on, trust me. ;)

Mr Fett wrote:

With the "reverse zipper" on the jumpsuit, the only thing I have to remove for that situation at cons is the codpiece and belts. You can use the bathroom with the vest and jet pack still on, trust me. ;)

this thread conjours visions of boba sitting on the can, and i find it very amusing. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Man...I have you all beat in that dept.:D
I thought all that out before I built my suit.
My Jango is a 2 pc. Shirt & Pants. The combination of the vest, mid-belt and the ammo belt conceals that area anyway. No one can tell the difference and were really fooled that my setup wasn't a jumpsuit. I think Judge Dweed uses that same combo too. Whenever you gotta go...just undo your belts and your set to go whatever # nature calls.

Easy, try to go before you get suited up (even if you don't have to, just TRY). Make sure you don't drink anything like water... Don't stand near a water fall, that gets me all the time ;). And if you need to go while in the middle of a Con. RUN... :lol:

I've got it easy, all I need to do really is take my Cod piece off along with the belt & ZIIIPPPP... That feels gooood :lol:
All I can say is I'm totally screwed in that department! I should have done the 2 piece combo but didn't :( Oh well, you know us girls, we like to potty in groups so at least I should be able to have some help :D
Boba Phat and Mr Fett are right. I just checked on my new Dickies, and yes, they come with a double zipper. That way I saved on the seamdresser to change the zipper for a double one. :D

Now on the #2 department...mmmmmm.....well...just go there:moon (even if you don't have to) before you suit up and :eek:PUUUUUSHHH!!!:evil

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Mr Fett wrote:

Depending on how much 'weathering' you want in your jumpsuit, #2 might lend to that quite nicely. :lol:
:lol:Well put, Mr.Fett!
Now, applying that kind of weathering in the jumpsiut material does bring up some interesting imagery, but having it going down inside your pantlegs, while wearing it, is another picture altogether!:lol:
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