Whats the most accurate bucket you've seen



In the process for looking for a bucket, whats the most accurate shape/sice/ etc bucket you've seen yet to date?


The new movie sized one, no question about it IMO.


And which one would that be? :confused

But until I see that mod, I'm going with slave1117a and Sarge's Mystery Helm!
Well, again, it's tough to generalize "the best" helmet, because there are variations from the ESB to the ROTJ. The ESB and ROTJ are not as different as was once thought. But, there are differences significant enough for me that a helmet made to be ESB can't be passable as an ROTJ and vice-versa. The "movie-sized helmet" is the best, current interpretation of the ESB helmet. Sarge's helmet, on the other hand, works better as an ROTJ helmet.
Seeker really seems to like the new one I got. ;)
So much in fact, that he's getting one of his own. Every time he comes by, he wants me to drag it out of the case, so he can molest it. :lol:
A couple of quick notes: The Aurora helmets are the movie sized helmets which are ESB helmets. The mystery helmet was rumored to have been molded off of one of the screen used helmets, although the shape resembles the RotJ more than the ESB. So if its origin is true, it is more likely that it was pulled off of the RotJ helmet.
Ok, thanks for all the info guys, now to just come up on a decision of what helmet, was thinking ROTJ, was what i was more paticular towards, but still havent decided.
Someone please, clarify about the "Aurora" and the "Sarge's" versions. I mean, give me links to the pics to see for myself what it is all about. I've seen the new Jango helmet at Party City and it looks really big and accurate. As of me...the best looking one is (or will be)....MINE once I start customizing it and paint it. (I have the '95 DP version). :) Seriously guys, let me know and send a link or pics to me.
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