What's the best way to fill dents?

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Well my ABS fett chest plates are ready for the holes to be filled up. What are you guys using to fill them up. What works best to make sure they stay - and can be sanded evenly?

My helmet is fiberglas - so I will be using car fiberglass for the dent. But not sure for the ABS parts.


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Not sure if this will help or not but for filling holes in my Sonic Beam weapon (which is plastic) I used two part epoxy. It worked great and is VERY durable!!
mondo bondo my man! i used it to fill in some tiny imperfections in my helmet and it works perfectly.
Yep, 2-part epoxy is always a good way to go. You can also try Testors Model Putty, bondo, etc.

Want to make some liquid ABS?. Here's a little trick you can try:
If you have some scrap ABS, chop it up or grind it into little 1/16" or 1/8" square pieces and put them in a small bowl. Add some Testors model cement or ABS cement (I think you can even just use Acetone) and stir. The plastic cement will actually melt the pieces of ABS. If you've chopped the plastic small enough, you'll soon have a bunch of liquid ABS that you can fill those holes with.

Just a thought if you want to try :)
I think the best one is to make ABS cement, choping some ABS but insted of use acetone use Tolueno... this is the Argentine name for it but I think in inglish is called Tolvol let the mix for a couple of week´s and you will have the best cement for ABS plastic.
Is not the easyest but is the best.
Use it to fill every litlle hole, let it dry and sand the rest, I can insure that no mather wath you squiz or puch that pice but that cement will keep in place filling does holes it will not fall doun, like the other alternatives. This proceder is like to melt down some plastic in the holes......
But it´s only for litlle gaps or holes.
remember that this quind of cement in gate amounts coud also melt down the pice...
Take care and good hunt!

Lucas Alvarez
BS.As. Argentina
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