What's the best paint to use for armor?


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Hi Cavie,
Ah. . . another victim falls to the Bounty Hunter bug! :D

Check this thread from the helmet forum for some of the best painting information out there:


All the paints mentioned in that thread are Floquil or Polly Scale, which are made for model railroading. So if you know of any hobby shops that specialize in railroad modeling, they should carry the Floquil or Polly S paints.



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Also check TK409's website. I think his tutorial uses something in a spray can. Rustoleam Spruce green, I think. Not sure if he used that himself, but if so, I would say it looks pretty good.


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I used 'hycote' Ford meadow green- it's a car spray paint available at most motor stores and looks virtually identical to the screen used colour, and goes on easy, leaving a good smooth finish. I used some wet 'n' dry sanding paper on it to give it an additional worn look.- I also primed the armour in primer grey before applying a coat of steel grey, which when the weathering is done, looks more like bare metal! Will post some pics of the armour when the camera has batteries!!!


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Please post when you get this armor you ordered. I'm interested to know what the quality is and how long it took this person to get it to you. Post a few pic's if you can.