Whats that thing?

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hey guys I have the standup of the pre-pro ROTJ suit (i think) where Boba has that funny spear gun thing proped up on his hip and I noticed he has a funny little silver button type thing on his under belt (girth) and was wondering if this is present in any of the movies or if anyone knows what it is. Try to get a pic up soon.


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I know what you mean. It looks like a button blank, or something. I have seen something similar for bandannas, but they have a stupid star on them. It doesn't show up on any of the Chronicle pics.

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yeah Phantom Fett it is almost as tall as me and i'm 6'2" so I would assume it is lifesize. Here is a pic of what the stand up looks like (sorry for the crappiness but its all I had on hand to post)


heres a pic of the object in question. Its in the lower left hand corner you can kinda see it.
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It's identical to an ear off a metal paint can. (The thing that holds the handle to the can). You can pop them off without too much trouble.