What is this tube/line for?


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This has been bothering me for a few months. I've seen this tubing in several shots, both movie and still, but it's not part of the MoM exhibits.


My original guess was that it's a power line to the chest display. Lucasfilm didn't have Shackman's fabulous light displays back then! I doubt it's a mic line, since his dialog was overdubbed by others.

Any other ideas?
i belive you are right
there are othe pics in you can see a flat speeker located in the abplate, maybe that cord is the power supply to the chest
mic, and wire for the speaker, but thats only speculations 'cause that are from ROTJ, and Fett don't talk in the Jedi....or yes.......well the yell part dont need a speaker to hear :lol:
I believe they just left it exposed as another piece of the suit. Really, on a set of armor with all the gadgets fett has, another extra wire doesnt look out of place.
Yes, we are fairly certain that wire is connected to battery pack in the side pouches that powers the chest lights. I believe this info was culled from Jeremy.

I don't think it was mistake on the part of anyone forgetting to hide the wire. As the photo montage shows, they didn't make any effort to hide it on various incarnations of the suit in both stills and on film.
Well, at least we're carefull to hide it or find different ways to create the same effect using different ways (and for some of us, the very same way) to do so.

Am I right? :rolleyes

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