What is the best method for thinning out paints


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The bucket is half way there,but I'm not satisified with the spray paint colors.I went to Hobby Town and finally found the colors that are posted on Sticky at the top of the page. I asked how to thin out the colors,but the people that worked there really where not sure!They are the pollyscale colors. One person said that you could use Windex, and another said Alcohol.I thought you needed to a special thinner. So I'm asking you all for your Help! I don't know how to post pic, to show you my progress.The polly scale paints say to reduce 10%to15% with distilled water. So is that a full bottle of paint with a cap full of distilled water? And what is the first color that you spray the helmet with a primer or the chrome and is suppose to be a polly scale paint?
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I would think that if you used windex your paint might come out 'soapy' and maybe dry with little soap rings.

I've also heard that rubbing alcohol works, but the guy that told me that said if you don't clean the o-rings really well after you use it then it could ruin them.

I use airbrush paint thinner, not sure if it's a special kind. Testors sells small bottles of them, an 8 oz. bottle should last a while. I would recommend that.
Pollyscale paints are pretty forgiving when it comes to thinning. You can use their "name brand" thinner, or even distilled water (says so right on the side of the bottles). I believe it recommends thinning 10% to 15% or so.

If you are going to thin them down before spraying, I would get an empty bottle to mix them in. In other words, don't just dump thinner/water into your paint bottle.

Hope that helps!
I use tap water in my pollyscale and haven't had a single problem. If you get enamel than just use thinner/mineral spirits.

I have used everything from tap water, distilled water, Testors airbrush thinner, and winsheild washer fluid. They all seem to work about the same
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