What is the best Boba helmet?


Agent of Doom

I'm new here and I'm making a suit of Boba's armor. I cannot decide what helmet to go with. Ive heard that all models but the DP95 are too small for most people and will look out of proportion to the armor. If anyone can help me out I would appreciate it. Ive also heard that the new rubies is bigger but of horrrible quality, but then ive also heard its the same size. I dont know.
I like the DP 95's and 96's. Ive heard that the 95's are a little bit wider and have more flare so that would probably be your best bet. Theres always 2 or 3 on eBay, just make sure u dont get a 97.
If you plan to go with a DP/Rubies then ideally you want a 95 or 96 DP of good shape and quality. I have had two very nice 97's come through my hands, so don't count them out entirely, but they have a track record of being the worst DP's. Steer clear of Rubies entirely.

If you've got some money to burn, go with a fiberglass helmet. The shape is good, sturdy and it's not going to lose it's shape in the heat ;)

Welcome aboard :)
Yeah, at this point, I dont think theres any chance im going with a rubies, unless i come across one in person that is in great shape (and I dont think thats gonna happen). I'll probably go with a 95, or maybe a 96 if its a good size.

By the way, how much do recasts ussually go for? Are they ridiculously expensive?
i got my recast for 70$. It was on sale tho, the reg price was 90$ and u will need about ten bucks to buy all the paint. Mine is a recast of the deluxe (im pretty sure). It looks so sweet and has awesome flair. Also, painting the helmet is a great time. I got mine the first night of a 5 day weekend and i think i hung out with my friends once during the day, all the other days were dedicated to painting my helmet. The helmet i have is the one seen on ebay that is just blank, there are four different pics of it usually and on the bottom is extra plaster that needs to be sanded off. I didnt buy mine from ebay however. I hope this helps, and if u do buy a recast and want tips on painting ill be happy to help.
Thanks, 70-90$ isnt too bad, I may do that instead of hunting down a DP 95.
Wow, that's an excellent deal. The range, lately at least, seems to be about $100-$350. From corrected DP 95 recasts around $100-$125 to the mid-range Mystery Helmet which is resin and comparable in size to the Deluxe helmet, to the hand-sculpted Movie-Sized helmet at $350.


Agent of Doom wrote:

Thanks, 70-90$ isnt too bad, I may do that instead of hunting down a DP 95.

I still have a '95 DP Boba helmet (white inside), that I'm in the process of repaint and lens change. I'll feel sad to let it go, but I definitely have to sell it cause I already have a Deluxe helmet and not need of another one, but not until I finish the whole process, which will take me some time. This forum will know about it in the Cargo Hold sometime soon. Please, bear with me.

The Mystery Helmet is excellent, the Movie-sized helmet is awesome, and the MLC helmet is outstanding!


Pretty hard to go wrong w/ that bunch. As Phil says, prices range from $175-200-225 all the way up to $350-

While not the cheapest part of the Fett outfit, it's the single most critical component of the suit, with probably the jet pack and gauntlets next.

So, do your homework, check out the Helmet threads on the three helmets and ask around! :)

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