what helmet is this, it doesnt say.

These Fett Helmets are made by Rubie's. Try ebay to get a better price or preferable get a Don Post. Do a Search here for Rubie's to find opinions of them.
You get what you pay for. These are very inaccurate in terms of size, shape colour and damage/weathering, but all except the size can be rectified with a bit of hard work. The benefit is that they are pretty cheap.

If your budget can stretch, and you're more than 5' 8" tall I'd suggest getting a more accurate sized bucket. You'll be far happier with a more accurate bucket in the long run. Check out the cargo hold or ebay.

If you have a smaller frame, the rubies might be nicely proportioned to you and the rest of the issues can be fixed up.

Hope this helps.

I agree with Han Hunter, check out this site http://www.starwarshelmets.com click on Fan Made Helmets and click Boba Fett, there you can see comparison shots of the most common helmets around.

You will be happier with a good helmet in the long run. also check this site and read what people are saying about the helmets.

Good Luck.
well i think im exactly 5,8 and couldnt care less about the paint job, i was going to paint it myself, but sizes of it, so it is too short or to tight? i really appreciate all of your help on this issue, i really appreciate it. i saw some resin helmets that fans made, what about those? and specific person i could go to to get one? anybody got one of the resin helmets or whatever? im thinking about making a jango paint scheme because he was the origonal fett after all!
what do all of the different helmet names mean? one in particular is mlc and i saw a few more, can anyone explain this? only thing i recognize is DP=don post

Nobody likes 97's because of all the DP boba helmnets it is the most innacurate and crappy sculpt. No flare, flat dome, small size all reasons the 97 isnt a great helmet. I personally have a 97 and ever since I got it I have wanted to get a new helmet but I just have never gotten around to that part. I do not like the 97 it just doesnt look right. Now don't get me wrong I have seen some amazing helmets come from 97's. With alot of work you can reshape it to something that looks like a nice fiberglass helmet. A 97 will run around $30-40 I wouldn't pay anymore than that. If I were you I would buy a 96 or better yet a 95 on ebay.
I believe it's been said that the Rubie's Fett are cast off a DP97.
Not sure about the Rubie's Jango. People sell stuff here at decent prices all the time. Like I said before check ebay for some deals as well. Everything also depends on your budget and how picky you are about accuracies.
im not too picky that it might not be the correct angle or whatever on it, all im concerned is, is the 97 sturdy or flimsy plastic? and cant i stretch out some pieces? or whatever? i know my hat size in my marine corps uniform is
7 1/4 does that help or anything? so what should i get, a rubies os a '97.... i have never wore a fett helmet at all so i dont know what to expect, im on a tight budget.

The Rubie's helmets are too short. If you open your mouth wide enough, your chin will poke out and probably the back of your hair.

The '97 DPs are made of a flimsy vinyl that is very prone to warping. Most of them have flat domes (like Frankenstein) from sitting around unsold on store shelves for the past seven years. I have seen a few decent ones, but the majority of them are turds. Stick with the advice given above and look for a '95 or '96 DP on eBay or here in The Cargo Hold. If you have got the funds, there are very nice FG (fiberglass) helmets in there all the time. As for the abbreviations, scroll through the Helmet forum and you'll figure them out. Most are abbreviated as to not publically announce who the maker of them is.
what about the rubies jango?is it thicker than a 97?i was thinking, if the jango is short, couldnt i take some sintra or whatever to extend it down some? is the rubies jango and teh rubies fett the same minus the dent? which would be better to make into a jango.
Extending them with sintra may sound great in theory, but would take more effort than the rewards would net.

Both helmets are made of vinyl are are subject to warping. The Boba appears to have been made from the same mold as the DP 97 and the Jango is from a newer, smaller mold.

Honestly, unless you really, really want one of these, I highly recommend something else. They really are sub-par. Decent helmets can be found for $100 or less. At $60 plus shipping, you will easily dump more than that into a Rubie's helmet and still have to worry about it warping.
They too are made of vinyl although it is a bit more sturdier than the 97s. That being said, all vinyl helmets are prone to warping if not stored properly. Cool, dark place and avoid leaving them in direct sunlight (like inside of a car on a hot day).

The 95 DPs came in two different forms; a white interior (the sturdiest of the bunch) and a green interior. The 96 only came in green. The white 95s are a bit harder to find as they were the first batch, but a good choice if you plan on sticking with a vinyl helmet.
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