What do u guys use as temporary boots...?



Hey,, well, since my armor got burned a fire...I was wondering since im making a new set of armor...what do u guys use as temporary boots until u actually get the real fett boots made? Can I use walmart/payless shoes as a temp..? Which ones should I buy? Hope u guys help.. I will post a boots tutorial here ASAP cuz I need temps now until i start remaking my boots


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Go to TK409.com
he has a great tutorial for making on the fly boots at a low budget. I think it may be of assistance to you.


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Go to WalMart, buy Brahma ankle boots. They even have goring (elasic, U-shaped detail on the sides)$29.00 and the general shape and height is correct. The toe is too round, but the aluminum strip with sharpened dowels helps. Do TK-409s tutorial mentioned above and paint with Latex paint and weather the crap out of them. Unless you are 5'10", 155 lbs., have $1,500.00, you name is either Chris Something-or-Another or Steve-the-guy-from-Scandinavia...you are not going to be screen accurate over 95%. But it is good to try.

I am way off with my suit...it is all white!



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I too have a pair of the CA Boots.
You can't go wrong with $100 and it takes a little amount of effort and paint skill to make them look damn near screen acurate.