What do guys think of this JP?


I was about to buy my JP from Rex, but this is a good deal cheaper, and I don't have to wait the 6-7 weeks for it, which do you think I'd be better of doing?

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I have that same pack, just got Saturday. It's not bad, lightweight, hardly any assembly. Comes strapped and ready to prime and paint. I was in the same boat...Couldn't wait the 6 weeks for one of Rex's because of an event in march.
I think it's fine...but then again depends on how picky you are.


Thanks for the help everyone, I think I'm gonna go with Rex, just because his packs look just a littler 'cleaner'. That one's 195 with 4 days left, by the way.


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That JP looks pretty good, but I'd definitely go for one from Rex, I did and it's well worth the wait, you won't be disappointed!