What colour for a ESB vest?


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Im going to try and make my own vest, but I am unable to find a htread about the ESB colours, could some one enlighten me!!

Also is cotton twill the same as tackle twill? It looks to be heavy and have a shiney like quality surface much like that shown in photos ive seen in other threads.


For best results concerning the vest, you'll want to try & get some of the tacket twill. There really isn't anything else quite like it...at least that I have seen. It is defiatelly not even close to cotton twill. I have found fabrics which arevery close in color and shiney, but they are never as heavy as the found tacket twill. For color, its basically a shiny silver/white. For the ESB vest, it works best to weather it heavily with grey misting, and a shot of dull coat. The ESB vest always looks darker than ROTJ to me. Check out the scene in the film where vader & Fett have the "he's no good to me dead" exchange. That is about the best scene for lighting, (or at least I rely heavily on that scene) The vest looks very grey there. Good luck ;)
I actually found my material at Wal-Mart, it was a nice offwhite colour that got weathered when I put the armour on and gave it a light mist.
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