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So quick story. My younger brother lives in LA and works for a well known corporate company. This particular company requires him to frequent peoples houses during his respective shifts. That said, the other day (I kid you not) I receive a text that went something like this:

Bro- "Hey, I was at an old Hollywood stunt guys house just now. Apparently his name is Bob Yerkes or something and he worked on SW...You heard of him?"

Me- "Um Kenny, he's Boba Fett...THE BADDEST SOB ON THE PLANET!!!!!

What are the odds LMAO??!! SO, of course, I followed up quickly with a phone call...

That said, my brother did try to get something signed for me however Bob (now in his 80's) shared with him that he had only a few photographs but that he could take a pic of them with his phone ; ). Below are the images....You guys may recognize a couple ; ). My bro went on to say that Bob was indeed a kind/sweet gentleman and full of hilarious stories for the 30-45 minutes he was there........ I can't imagine old Bob would neglect to share that he chased down "the fastest hunk o' junk in the galaxy" a time or two? That is all....