Were the Boba Fett hoses painted in the inside??

It looks to me that they have been left in the sun, looks like ultraviolet damage to me.
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I was thinking of running some stain or thinned down paint through mine to give them a "Used" look. make them look like they have "Fuel" in them :)
So they don't look brand new.
I figured I'd do a little weathering(not to much) to the outside.
I just figure if your going through the trouble of weathering
everything else, why overlook the Hoses? :facepalm
Anyway, I don't know if the MOM ones have yellowed with age, but I'd bet that they were made to look that way :)
Robert E.
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Looks like the yellowing of the rubber is due to the age for the most part. Possibly a bit of weathering on the outer surface.
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