Were the Boba Fett hoses painted in the inside??


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After looking at the detailed pictures of the gauntlet hoses in the Ref CD I noticed that the inside of the right gauntlet hose is of a mustard tone color.

Dose anyone know if they where painted in the inside or did the color appeared because of how old they are??

If they where painted, what color do you guys think that is??


Juan Manuel

Omega Man

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It looks to me that they have been left in the sun, looks like ultraviolet damage to me.
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I was thinking of running some stain or thinned down paint through mine to give them a "Used" look. make them look like they have "Fuel" in them :)
So they don't look brand new.
I figured I'd do a little weathering(not to much) to the outside.
I just figure if your going through the trouble of weathering
everything else, why overlook the Hoses? :facepalm
Anyway, I don't know if the MOM ones have yellowed with age, but I'd bet that they were made to look that way :)
Robert E.
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Looks like the yellowing of the rubber is due to the age for the most part. Possibly a bit of weathering on the outer surface.
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