Well the gift has arrived


New Hunter
As you all may know I was looking at a DP 97 and so was my significant other. I was going to opt to pass on it due to the reaction of some of the folks here but the SO decided on her own to get it for me. It arrived yesterday and thanks to these forums I now know what procedures are needed to fix er up. It is definitely warped. Needs flare and the paintjob looks like they handed silver finger paint to a six year old. I swear the guys on CSI could pull finger prints from some of the "weathering". So I will learn the fine art of painting and remolding and turn it into a good first helmet for a rookie bucket head.

Thanks both. Yeah she is a real sweetie for getting me it. I have a lot of work but hopefully I can pull a passable helmet out of the mix. I will start taking pics to show before during and afters. This place is amazing for the wealth of information. I imagine there will be much cursing and expletives but with the encylopedia Fett here I should do ok.

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