Weathering a ROTJ Suit - Best way?



I am wondering what the best tips are for weathering a new ROTJ suit.
It's grey, but looks way too clean for Boba. I have heard about misting with paint, but I am also looking at any other ideas.
I just used ash from the fireplace to weather all of my soft armor. Burnt wood for the black and burnt paper of some gray to tone down the suit. It can get a little messy, but I really liked the results.
Burnt wood for the black and burnt paper of some gray to tone down the suit. It can get a little messy, but I really liked the results.

Hm, interesting!
I have some old charcoal - think if I burned that stuff up good (and let it cool of course) that would give me good results?
Depending on what effect you're after, I would recommend paints designed for fabric. There's a line of airbrush-ready paint called Createx. I used a dark gray and mixed up a dirty brownish gray and just "spattered" it onto my jumpsuit.
Once you paint the Createx on, you "heat set" it with an iron, which makes it permanent.
I used 3 cheap acyricic paints I got from Michales/MJ Designs. I will look when I get home and the color numbers. Its a brown, deep black, and rich charcole gray. I just mixed a few drops of paint with a cup of water and ran it through my airbrush and it gave me great results.
The thing I liked the most about the "fireplace weathering" is that if you felt like you went overboard with the weathering, you could always throw the jumpsuit in the wash. But yeah ... go ahead and give that burnt charcoal a shot. I think it'd work.;)(y)
I just used tan, flat black and dark gray spray paints.... misted them here and there until I was happy with it.
Acrylic art chalk works well also. You can shave the sticks with a sharp blade and use a dry brush to apply the powder in specific areas or just smear it on with your hands. It gives you a lot of control.
Charcoal Grey Primer. I mist it on and put it on thicker in places. It isn't a bad idea to weather your jumpsuit and vest as one. That way the weathering appears as it weathered at the same time for real. Just remember to weather under the vest as well and up the suit a bit in case the vest moves a little.
I used "Mohawk" spray paint (rattle-can)
I used Walnut Extra Dark & misted it on
I'll post some pics up when I can
I did my first event today & the pics aren't posted yet
here's some of the pics
the lighting makes big differences in these
they are all the same day 3 different cameras




small boba.JPG
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