Water Jet Pack idea....?


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Water Jetpack idea....?

hey. i had a thought tonight. a lot of people who wear a lot of these costumes get hot in them. so, i thought of an idea for a drinking source while wearing the suit. i was thinking of taking the camel pack, and taking out the bag and hose, fill it up with water, and hanging it in my jet pack. it would he hung instead of lying on the jet pack bottom. the hose would come out the back of the JP, and throught a hole in the backplate. the hose would then run under all the clothes, and up through your neckseal. therefore, you could drink while wearing the helmet, and the full costume!!! has anyone tried this? if so, how did it turn out, and do you have any pics of the progress.
Any more wieght to my jet pack would be out of the question, though I did think about it at one time running a hose from a square canteen in my saddlebag pouch, but the canteen was to big.
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yea...my JP is 1yr, and comes in at 7lbs. its soooo cute. :lol: :lol: :lol: anyway, i was even thinking of something like a waterbottle....i don't know if i would even do it...its just a thought to have something to drink while in costume :)
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Its a cool idea, literally. wouldnt it be awesome to rig up a little freon pack in the other pouch that the line runs around so the drink would be ice cold. :)
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