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Well, i bought a white interior DP '95 helmet on Ebay and is currently being shipped, but I'm afraid of it getting warped. I have searched the forums about warping prevention methods(hot water, heat, etc.) but I'm confused about what it means by "stuff towels, newpapers, etc." to make it stay the same shape or adding fiberglass and resin. Please help me, thanks. :confused
I have the same exact bucket...I heated the interior with a heat gun and then dipped it in an ICE BATH (ice cold water in a 5 GAL bucket)...there was still a slight warp in the back, so I bent some 1/8" metal rod and superglued/ hotglue it into place....THEN I skim coated it with bondo to clean the inter look up a bit.
I think the DP '95 helmet you got on ebay was the same one I was watching. Great score. I used Bondo-Glass spread around the inside to reinforced one of my DP '96 helmets. While it did make the helmet more rigid it also added a lot of weight and reduced the inside diameter a bit. Personally I wouldn't do anything to a DP '95 because they are getting hard to come by. If it arrived warped I would just use hot water to get it back to shape and I would also place a wooden dowel inside to help it hold it's shape.

To Prymer: Is the rod going to permanently stay their?

To BobasBounty:So you're saying that if it has warped, Then I should heat it, then just place somthing inside to stop it from warping in whiel it cools?
Actually, after you heat up the helmet and get it to the desired shape put it under cold water, it will then set. You should put a dowel (1/8" to 1/4" diameter) in while it is being displayed. The dowel should be placed from ear to ear across the inside of the helmet. It should fit snuggly but not push out the sides too much. You may be doing quite a bit of trimming to get the dowel down to the right length. This will prevent any warping while on display. Works for my other DP '96. I'll have to post a pic of mine.

I used a metal cross stitch frame rod. I opneed it up and after it was hot glued in place, I covered it in superglue, THEN completely covered it in bondo.

That helmet will completely melt before the rod and glue come out.
I posted pics of mine before.. it was/is terrible. Iam at a stage where i wanna work on it again (and i found it from the move finally) I hear you can take fiberglass resin and lightly line the inside of the bucket, would that work without the cloth/mat? dont wanna make it too brittle to not do its job. what you think on the first reshapeing? ill dig out the old images of its warp later, but its been dunked and towels have been in it for a while.. i know.. it needs the "face" pushed back into the helmet, causing the "ears" to flare out and give more shape, and then re curve the back key slots.. but its a start. Something came to my attention.. what the heck is that rectangluar slit on "his" left cheeck? onthe curve to the "mandible"? well.. what is it supposed to be.. lol

Picture 073.jpg

Picture 074.jpg
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