Wanted: Someone who can 3D print a Fett Blaster for Jakks 20" figure


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Good Day Everyone,

I recently purchased a Jakks Boba Fett 20" action figure (you can find at any Walmart) and I noticed that it didn't come with his blaster even though his hand is already posed to hold one. I am completely new to all this 3D printing stuff (which I hope to change real soon) and don't have access to a machine, my question is is there anyone who can print one up for me at that scale which I would be willing to pay for?

Stay 3D my friends,


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Strange that they didn't include the blaster, but they sculpted the pose. Kinda looks like he's going to Force Choke someone.


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Thanks Dom, shoot me a pm @KoDomino, for something that small it probably won't take very long and I'm pretty reasonable on print cost for items
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