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So, I've been walking around in my Fett boots, just enjoying them, and I've noticed something...

It's almost impossible to be quiet in them!

We have hardwood floors, and as I walk, the bottoms of the toe spikes click on the floor...



Man, I try and pick up my toes, walk carefully, thinking about the toe spikes, and I can kinda do it...sometimes!


You guys have the same problem?

I remembered something tonight. An old post mentioned that he accidently poked his girlfriend w/ his toe spikes...


I'm wearing my boots in the kitchen, my wife is sitting on the floor, playing w/ the dogs and cats...She asked me to help her up...

Something told me to say "NO!"

But, I didn't...

Even with being careful and thinking about the toe spikes...I did it. The toe spike got her.

I hoped it was a slight nudge.


She doesn't like the boots anymore...

The moral of the story---if something tells you to say "NO", while wearing Fett boots, say "NOOOO"


Bountys Hunted wrote:

I remembered something tonight. An old post mentioned that he accidently poked his girlfriend w/ his toe spikes...

That was me. Danet came walking briskly up to me to re-arrange my wookiee braids and stabbed her bare toes right into the spikes lol...

If you really want to have a screen accurate suit AND reduce some of the risk of stabbing someone with your toe spikes, then you can drill out the tips of your spikes like the real ones.

Toe Spike.jpg
Walking in Fett boots sucks!!

Not only do they click and clack across the floor as Rex mentioned, but they are are also good tripper uppers and thus can be very dangerous.
They can trip you up in carpets if they snag and they can catch steps as you walk up and send you flying.
Lots of things in the Fett suit just arn't very practical..... :p

Not only that, some places won't allow you to wear them because of the spikes and guys have had to wear their sneakers or work boots. I remember that happening to some of the ECG 501st guys a year or two ago either at a con or a mueseum.
When I first got my MC boots, I wore them to a mall, just to see how comfy they might be. The teen kids thought they were way cool. One kid who was working at Hot Topic, says " Hey were did you get your cool shoes?" I tell him they are custom made Boba Fett boots."Wow," Says the kid, "I never heard of that band." :rolleyes "No, Boba fett is not a band. He is a bounty hunter from the Star Wars movies." Kid replies "Oh, I saw that movie, I don't remember any Bobo Fett." :facepalm "BOBA Fett was not in episode one, he was in episodes five and six."
"Dam, why did they go and skip 2,3 and 4?" asks the kid.
By this time, I give up and say :angry "Go to the nearest video store and ask to rent all the Star Wars movie they have. You will take home at least 3 tapes and one dvd. When you see episode 5 you will understand the true meaning of the boots." :wacko As I left the store I thought to myself "OH my god, I am old, so very ...old....:wacko ...."
The boots were very comfy to walk in. Though they did click in the tile floors of the mall and get snagged on the carpet occasionally. The spikes on the MC boots come off without too much trouble. Perhaps I will make a set of rubber safety spikes for malls and conventions. What do you think ?
Old man ST :D
When I first got my MC boots, I had the tendency to "drag my toes" and thus, drag the SPIKES as I walked. I quickly got the hang of picking up my ENTIRE foot instead of "rolling" off the ball of my foot to take a step.

What makes matters worse, is I wear a 9, and at the time I found a guy selling *new* MC boots on RPF, but they were size 10. I figured it wasn't that big of a difference, so I offered him $120, thinking I'd be outbid. 3 days later, they were MINE!

I ended up having to put some of the GOOD Dr. Scholl's insoles (the $17/pair "athletic" type) in them to take up some of the excess space. Good thing too! The next event I trooped I was in costume (and on my feet) for 11 hours STRAIGHT! Those insoles saved my life!!! :D

Occasionally, I still catch myself NOT picking up my feet totally, and hear the "click-da-click-da-click" sound. Almost sounds like spurs, in an odd kinds way... Just call me "Cowboy Fett"! ;)
"Cowboy Fett"


Of course, you'll have to add one of them big ol' silver belt buckles!! Get one of them custom ones at the county fairs...w/ "BF" or just "Boba" on it!


MegalomaniacalMandalore wrote:

Hey, Beave. How about Nerf spikes? D'ya think all the other Fetts would laugh, or do something else kinda crummy like that? Gee....
:lol: Good one MMM! But, Hey, why not? -those Nerf spikes are the current fashion rage with all the nerf herders I know! :lol: Or how 'bout a nice nerfy football to toss around out on the prairie (it gets boring just herding the livestock all day :lol:) I think Eddie swiped the last one they had:rolleyes

bh-7603 wrote:

doesnt fett go "ka-ching, ching" when he walks anyway?

"ka-ching" is the sound the cash registers make when we spend out $$$$ on Fett parts!

and "ka-Cheng" is the sound made when we spend money on Fett boots! ;)
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