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I won a RS voice Amp off ebay. The speaker is kind of large. How does everyone make use of this? Have you taken it apart? hide it under something? Photos whold be great id anyone has then.
I think you can put it in one of the large belt pouches or maybe even the thigh pockets.

I may buy one myself and try it out. They're like $55 CDN up here in Canada. :)
Stuff it in a large belt pouch or put it behind your back or under your vest bottom.

I stuffed mine in a large belt pouch, no problems and works great.
Hi all,
I was thinking of joining 3 or 4 of the ammo pouches together to make one big pouch and putting the unit inside, it my work for Jango as well.
Has anybody seen or tried this amp its from Maplin
I have the infamous radioshack one. Its too big, but the sound is great. I tried to dismantle it, but its hard in the middle to break apart. Im just gonna place it in one of the side pouches until i find another way.
Hey I'm looking for a voice amp and cant seem to find one can anyone tell me the model name or number for the radio shack voice amp??

Hey Tguntony... you can usually find one on eBay for under
$100, sometimes much less. Search "fett voice amp" and you
should see the black Radio Shack model. I don't see any
today, but I guarantee you'll see one within a week or two.

Tguntony wrote:

Hey I'm looking for a voice amp and cant seem to find one can anyone tell me the model name or number for the radio shack voice amp??

Repost from nearly identical thread in the Jango forum:
I took mine apart, replaced the battery connection to run off a 9V battery, and i stuck all the guts in the helmet. I extended the wires for the speaker itself and used a small plug so I could disconnect it easily. The speaker will either go under my chest/ab armour, or possibly in my neck seal.

Here it is minus the 9V battery connector.




I'll have pics of it in my helmet soon.
Hey JFJ... have you had any noticeable problems using the 9V
battery? Even though the math adds up, one 9V doesn't work
the same as six 1.5V batteries.
If you're using alkaline batteries, the 9V will equal the 6 AA batteries in terms of voltage. However, the capacity of a 9V battery (which translates to battery life) is about 1/4 that of the AAs.

If you're using rechargables, like NiCds, the voltages may not be equal either ... some manufacturers use 6 cells (giving an actual 7.2V, while others use 7 cells (8.4V). 9V has come to be a term for the size/shape of the battery, moreso than the actual useable voltage. :)

End of my almost useless lesson. ;)

Thanks for completing my thought, shackman! I knew one 9V
was NOT equivalent to six 1.5Vs (AAs), but I couldn't
remember how exactly. Too bad the 9V doesn't measure up,
cuz it really would be easier to swap out than six AAs!
Not to mention much lighter and more compact.
Keep in mind that the figure I gave (1/4 as long) is based on rated capacity. The capacity of a 9V varies from one manufacturer to the other (I mean more than what I've seen on other types), but was roughly 600mAh on the last one I recall testing. The capacity on a AA is about 2Ah (2000mAh) ... so not quite 4 times as much. You may want to say 1/3 the battery life, to be conservative? :)

In addition to Shackman's invaluable info, on a practical level I found that swapping the multiple AA's for a 9v set up also decreased the volume slightly, meaning that you have to turn it up to get the same results, which then increases the drain on an already less effective battery.

To get back to the subject matter, I mounted my speaker under my right shoulder bell. No one (except kids and ewoks) can see it, but it's as loud as you like, and sufficiently close to the bucket that the voice appears to be coming from the right place, and there's no feedback.

Come to think of it, I saw this guy was making Setups for Stormtrooper helmets where the speakers would transmit through the aerators on the fromt of the helmet. I'm sure it wouldn't be at all hard to modify it to work with a Boba/Jango Helmet.
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