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Visor ?.. other stuff

Hi :)

I'm in desperate need of a visor for my helmet ( due to a little mishap it is in need of some structural support :facepalm ), whilst I prefer to make stuff myself I think it really needs one now and not when I have worked out how to make the thing which could and probably will be a fair time from now :lol:

Any good suggestions ?

Thanks in advance


Also ... Does anyone have the measurements for the Don Post Deluxe ? as I am wanting to make my helmet the same sort of size (y)
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I bought 2 visors off of that ebay guy. They were very nice and he shipped exceptionally quickly. I also have bought a few things off of Bobamaker. He is a great guy to work with and as these guys said - his stuff it top notch. You can't go wrong either way.

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Thanks everyone :)

Looks like I'll have to go with BobaMakers visor (y) .. they look alright and Three Mil seems like it will be thick enough.
According to his site people cannot see your face through them is that the case ?



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Yes, it is true. I have several helmets (including a Bobamaker) with his visor and you can't be seen through them. (They're also good with protecting against the sun! 8) )