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Hey guys, I'm working on modding an Eppisode two Rubies Jango Fett helmet, and it's made of some crazy hard palstic (looks like it was made with injection molding because I had to snap two peices together.)

Anyway, my real question is, does anyone know where I can get my hands on a good visor for my helmet? I know I need a Green tint #5 wlding shield, but I cant find anywhere that sells them locally, does anyone have a link to an online store or something that sells them?

I'm sure you've all be asked this at least 400 times, so if there is another thread with an answer please link it to me.
i've used these for stormies: HF4118-DRK - Dark Green Faceshield - $3.65

the shipping is more than the shield, so i bought a bunch of them. seemed silly at the time, but a year later and i've run out completely and had to buy more.
How thick is that shield? If the helmet has added flare, when the new visor is epoxy'd/glued in, will it hold the flare?
How many more "where can I get a visor?" threads are going to pop up this week? People please use the search feature of the boards. This question has been asked and ansered 50 times at least.
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