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Last night, Darth Vader came down from the planet Vulcan and told me he'd melt my brain if I didn't mount my visor from the rear.

So my question, for all you rear-mounters (not that there's anything wrong with that): How did you account for the inconsistency of the thickness of the helmet when installing the visor? Did you sand the inside of the visor edge down to a consistent width? Or did you go 'authentic' and have gaps between the visor and helmet, like the ROTJ MoM bucket?

That's my project for today, so any help is appreciated!
I sanded my bucket so the visor would sit flush because I thought that it looked better. The plus side if you decide not to do it this way is that you will have some gaps that will allow air to flow through to help ventillate the helmet & keep the visor from fogging. For my next bucket I am going to sand it smooth & consistent but add some spacers between the visor & helmet for ventillation. Hope this helps.
I sanded mine too, as good as I could get it. Then I found some small screwns and just screwed them in. Looks alot better that when it was front mounted. While it fits flush, there are still some spaces because I didnt glue it so I dont fog either.
It will never look right unless you mount it from the inside.

You can sand, file, dremel. Whatever technique you prefer
Okay, you guys talked me into (along with Darth from Vulcan). Going out to the garage to start the inital cutting. On a fiberglass bucket, how much of a lip will I need to attach, before I lose 'structural integrity'? 1/8"? 1/4"?
Well, I'm in the process of installing mine myself, and I have a '95 (inside white) DP bucket, and have a visor that's hard. I was thinking about leaving a thickness on the visor deep from the front to the inside, but found out that if I do that, it will be impossible to secure the visor in place (at least glueing it), so I decided to take the dremmel tool and flat the inside of the visor so it could be flush with the original thickness of the bucket plastic, and that way it's easier to glue the visor in place. Probably I have to cut the visor a little bit from the jaw area and the piece that touches the upper cheeks to the sides

batninja wrote:

Last night, Darth Vader came down from the planet Vulcan and told me he'd melt my brain if I didn't mount my visor from the rear.
hmm ... i remember that ... ;)

any way i put the visor in that way, but i need to sand the helmet to get a correct "fix", but i need first a dremmel tool ;)
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