Visor installation?


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I just did mine a little while ago and did the Hot Glue method because I wanted the ability to replace it at a later date. It worked quite well.


This is what I came up with

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That was what i was thinking on how to install my visor just been seeing different ways i could do it and see what i like the best for me
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Nice Job Richard! I will be making my spring-clip-thingies, from Thin PVC i believe that way if i don’t like the shape (tension, etc) I can just simply reheat, reshape and voila! What are yours made from?


I just epoxied the female half of this type of screw (any good hardware has them) into the helmet. They come in different lengths. Then with the addition of a nylon washer the visor holds nicely. Low cost and doesn't take up much room either.
Here's the result...
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Really like this thread. What about using a very thin washer in between the visor and bucket to create a small gap. This would help with ventilation and fogging while not appearing to wide or separated from the bucket. Something maybe in the 1/32 thickness?


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Has anybody installed their visor using Epoxy Putty? I've heard some great things but would love to see some real world examples and gets some tips.
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image.jpg I just used JB Weld with four small flat head screws and glued them to the inside of the helmet. Once those dried, I cut four little pieces of stainless steal off a strip and bolted them down. It’s holding it in nice and snug. I could also change it out in about 30 seconds.


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I used contact cement for my helmet, I think its an effective but much much cheaper way of putting the visor in, it also holds for a very long time so dont worry about dropping it on your kitchen floor after you put it in, the thing stays in forever