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I am in need of a visor to finish off my helmet and was thinking of ordering one from the site the TK-409 advertises. Has anybody else used this resource? If so is the quality of the visor good, and can you see through it at all? Also, does the company ship very quickly? Thanks for any answers.

I ordered 2 from that company about a month ago and haven't gotten it yet. So I can't speak about the quality personnally but if TK-409 says it's good then I think we can trust his opinion. The shipping time, well....
I have the one you speak of. The quality is very good. You won't be disappointed. As far as shipping... they could definately improve on that.
Well glad to hear about the quality. That is too bad about the shipping time. I am rediculously impatient, :lol: , it is a bad trait. But I think I am going to go ahead and order one anyway. Thanks guys.

Ya know I was actually gonna buy another one but I can't seem to get to their site right now...must be down. I did a search and found this face shield maybe their shipping is better. I might try it out. The dimensions of the shield look to be a bit smaller but it will still fit.
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I've ordered a couple of those in the past and they're great. I don't remember the delivery time being that bad but the shipping charge seems a little much.
I ordered my T-visor from Bobamaker. His visors are well cut, and of good quality (As is all his props). The price is not bad either. He is in the UK and he accepts paypal, so you could cut the ship time down fairly short. I am in the US and it took about 2-3 weeks to send a money order and get the item. His site is
Yes, the shipping charge is a little much compared to the price of the item itself. That's why I thought I'd order 2 so I don't have to pay crazy shipping if I need another.

And it has been over a month now. I ordered them on June 15th. Maybe I should send them an email. :facepalm
I ordered a couple and yea, I had to call them back since they mixed up my name and order# and mistakenly cancelled it. I really recommend calling instead of email, that seemed to light a fire. If you have any problems, the phone attendants aren't too helpful -- find someone higher. But I'm very satisfied with the product. Plus I think you just need to go green for accuracy! I noticed that Fett's visor wasn't smoked when I was a kid in 1980 and if a kid can notice that in a movie (or on a beta vcr!) that says something.
Honestly who can tell, but Yes Jango's visor is tinted to a dark color with no green, much like the ROTJ helmet. The only helmet I have seen with a green visor is the ESB helmet, and when you put it on out in the daylight is really the only time you notice, under normal conditions you cannot tell.
FrankFett said:
Has anybody dealt with the dealer on ebay who adverstises "the best fett visor" out there? Just wondering.


I bought one from him, apart from the high postage cost to the UK it was very good. The vertical section is totally flat as aposed to one I bought elsewhere. You can't go far wrong with Bobamaker's though.
Christo Fett, just wanted to tell you that you may want to get ahold of that company and ask what happened to your order. You said its been a month since you ordered, it has been one week for me and I recieved today. Just letting you know. Phone number is on there website.

I know this news comes late for some of you but it may not for others...

If you have a True Value Hardware Store near you they sell those same green visors for $7. I stumbled across them at a store local to me.
Talked to them today and they just didn't put the order together. Said they'd UPS it today. We'll see.

Good info webchief. I had tried a couple of local places myself with no luck. Home Depot only had clear ones and a local welding supply place wanted like $30 for one.
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