visor for MLC helmet?


I'm looking for a visor to fit My MLC helmet.
the one that i currently have isn't really dark enough, and the green welders visors just aren't wide enough, has anyone managed to find something suitable?


That Ebay one would most likely be too short. The MLC is a LOT bigger than a DP.

The welding visor I bought is wide enough. In the very corners it has the stamp from the visor but you can't see it in the helmet.

Failing all of this, you could try and see if they can sell you a square of tinted plexi.
yeah I've got an MLC an I just looked up Welding supply in the phonebook, and called a couple a places to see if I could track down a welding visor, two calls later, I scored a great visor for under 6 bucks:)
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