I really have some trouble Sticking the Visor on with Epoxy. I cant seem to hold it in place...and it needs a good 5- 8 hrs to dry!! Its getting REALLY taxing and I am sooooooo tired...

Mines a DP there some other way to screw it in? wad kinda screw or fixures i could use as the mandibles dont seem to have enuff room for conventional screws...
i tried hot glue...but didnt seem to be strong enuff...maybe mine wasnt really a good one....

is there quality difference (bonding strength) amog glue sticks?? seems the same to me..
I cut the head off of bolts and epoxied the thread inside the helmet in 6 places then drilled holes in the visor accordingly then put nuts on the threads threw the holes in the visor and it seem to hold good.
I used hot glue on my visor. It was tricky. You gotta really be patient. I layed it on thick around the perimeter of the visor and held in place one section at a time. Then I went over the whole thing again. Works great.
I believe the high-temp hotglue has a stronger hold than regular hotglue. The regular hotglue would loose its hold when you are wearing it because it tends to get hot in there and the glue would begin to liquidate (not like start running but it would loose its hold and such).
There is a difference in the type of hot glue you use. The crafting store people should be able to help you out. I tries the clear hot glue and did not hold. The cloudy white sticks seems to work better but you still have to touch up stops every once and a while.
Three words-- Double Sided Tape -- I know it sounds kinda scetchy, but it's holding mine together great. I used a little hot glue to give it extra strength. Hope it helps.

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