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I just purchased, 3M Dark Green Polycarbonate Faceshield WP96C, Face Protection 82702-00000, Molded, to replace the clear visor in the Target Boba Fett Helmet. This faceshield is thicker than I thought. What are your recommendations are how to cut this faceshield to fit in the helmet? I have a dremel but not sure what would be the best attachment if this is the best way.




Tape both sides (to reduce chipping) over cut and use the cutting wheel, lowest speed. Slow and steady -- let the tool do the work.


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yeah a cutting wheel is what I used on the same thing as you have, there is no real clean way to cut it just take your time with it, to fast and it starts to melt...slow and steady wins the race and the result is worth the time and effort


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Slow and steady, will do. How much extra did you all leave? I am thinking about an extra inch on each side? Thanks again everyone!


You could also use a good pair of tin snips. They are similar to scissors but are used for cutting steel which will slice through this like butter. This gives a nice clean edge but just have to make sure you are careful not to scratch the lens.


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I used a cheap scroll saw from harbor freight to cut the visor for my wife's Sabine helmet. Much easier than using the Dremel on my Boba.

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