Visor 'cutting' question?


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Hello again folks!

Yup, the Irish Fett is at it again... I got me one of those nice tough acrylic visors from the guy on eBay, and it seems sweet. Problem is, I took a chance; the helmet I have is a fibre glass hand made one (maybe not the most accurate paint job, but I love it...) and I need to cut the visor to fit!

Anyone got any advice on cutting these visors without shattering them? I've noticed there are small cut marks on the 'back' side where it was originally cut, so there must be a technique? Any and all advice appreciated!


(Must post some piccers of my bucket too...)
Pnag -

I would suggest using a dremel tool to cut your visor. Just take your time and do it slowly.

When I redid the visor for my Scout bucket, I traced a rough shape on the inside of the visor, wider and longer than I actually needed it, then I slowly cut the rough shape out. After that, I sanded it down where needed and got it to fit in my bucket.

I know Fett is a world of difference than a Scout, but maybe some of my tips or techniques might be of assistance to you.

Good luck!!!
i have 2 of those visors. one for my fett helmet and one for my wife's at-at driver. i cut up one of his visors to use as flat smoked lenses in the at-at bucket, and it worked great.

a few bits of first hand advice:

- the dremel cut off disc works really well on these.
- do NOT try to score and snap it. mine shattered a bit, driving the shard into my finger
- the cutoff disc will leave melted plastic lumps around the edge of the cut, so cut it slightly large, so you have space to clean the goo up.
- when it cools back down, the lumps should break off easily
-once you have the lumps cleaned up, sand the edges to avoid and sharp pointy bits. i used the dremel drum sander followed by some sandpaper.
One more thing I forgot to mention that TK7602 brought up. DON'T TOUCH THE PLASTIC GOBS RIGHT AFTER YOU CUT THE VISOR!

I did that (being stupid) and let me tell you, they burn like a mofo! I'm sure you're probably well aware of that, but I figured I better throw it in, just to be safe. :)
my fingertips are so deadened from years of doing stupid things that i've even gone so far as to reshape heatgunned styrene with my bare fingers... so i didn't even think of that.

good call :)
Thanks guys! I'll be sure to break out the dremel, and I'll be careful.

My bucket might be of interest too... The t-shape of the visor wasn't cut out from the fibre glass, just an eye piece?

Catch ye soon!
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