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Ok guys, got a good one here. I needed a visor, so I bought one of those ones on ebay for like $9.95. It was a nice smoked acrylic. I was under the impression that smoked acrylic was all the same. I put the visor in and it was nice. Only problem is that is certain light condtions you could see my face a little. I was disapointed but figured there was nothing I could do, another visor would give me the same problem. After a couple weeks of grumbling, I decided to try a Bobamaker visor. I heard good things about them, and BM himself assured me his visor would solve my problem. His visors are smoked acrylic, just like the one I have, how much better could it be? Answer....a lot better. I installed it in my bucket, tried different light conditions, cannot see my face at all. Still need to do the camera flash test. Here is a comparison pic, so you can judge for yourself. BM on the left, $9.95 ebay visor on the right. Thanks again Daz!

Yes, I see that there is a significant difference. I might think about getting a BM for mine when its time to get one...

I bought one off of ebay, and it seems very dark to me. I took a few pictures under different lighting conditions and with/without flash and whatnot, and I couldn't see through it at all.
I've got the budget visor of E-bay... and with the interior of the helmet painted black i can honestly say that even with flashes you can't see my face. It litteraly has to be right in my face for it to be able to light up my face.
The biggest problem I had was you could see my nose a little if there was a lot of light. Also, I took pics of myself with flash and you could see my face. My bucket is a DP96 so it is a little smaller and closer to my face
with a bright spot pointed at the visor you can look through very clearly (the bm one)... but like when is that going to happen? (I'm talking about a very, very bright spot that hangs on my ceiling and points at my Fett from about 2m... most..).

I just put the baclava on my mannequin backwards... solved.

the flash is no problem... atleast I have alot of pictures taken and not once can you see my face.
I would say they are about the same thickness. The ebay one is straight in the middle, BM is curved. Both are very good visors, BM is just darker.
I got one off ebay and it wouldnt fit in my helmet with the flat face, it looked weird. I got a BM too and its a really good upgrade, theres just no comparing the two imo.
eBay T-Visor guy here...

I happen to stumble on to this thread and figured I better weigh in and defend my T-visors. My intentions with my T-Visors are to make the best T-Visors out there. I honestly never hear anything but good things about my T-visors and thus I have not changed them much for several years. Now that I know some of the things that you guys would like improved, that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Starting with the darkness of the T-Visor. This is literally the first time I have seen or heard someone say that they were not happy with the darkness of the T-visors I produce. 1st time, really. As I see the two kinds side by I can see what you mean. The one to the left is a darker shade. Although I do want to point out that is not the best way to accurately compare the T-Visors. The more accurate way to compare them should be while in a helmet where light is not coming through from the inside (unless you have a lightbulb for a head that is). Having both t-visors installed in helmets, side by side would be ideal. Then I would be willing to bet the differences would not be as great. But I digress, this is all irrelevant because I have the option to go darker with mine and that's exactly what I will do. Ya see, I figured if I made it too dark it would begin to make seeing out of it more difficult then it needed to be and with no prior complaints about it, I figured it was perfect. I am due up to purchase more material for my T-Visors, from now on I will go with a darker tint. This is improvement #1.

For the record, my T-Visors are exactly 1/8" thick which is equal to 3.175mm. So thickness should not be an issue.

The other major concern here seems to be the amount of curve in the front portion. This has been a tricky thing to deal with. Some T-Visors seem to turn out better then others when it comes to the amount of curve on the front. Ideally the curve is consistent with the curve of the rest of the visor. This is the case quite often. However some of the T-Visors tend to not curve as naturally and appear flat toward the bottom. The degrees we are talking about here are very minimal. But that does not matter, as I said at the beginning of this post, my intentions are to make the best t-visor possible. So beginning with the next batch I will improve the curve on the front.

So quick synopsis for those I have lost with my previous ramblings: Thanks for all your comments and critiques, I will use this information to build a better T-Visor! A darker, more ........curvy-front T-Visor!! I encourage anyone with any comments or suggestions to please contact me. Thanks for your time.

Good Form! Alot of people would have come in here with a defensive attitude when their product was being critiqued. I've seen it happen many times, but you addressed the customers concerns and offered the improvements to be made without alienating your niche market. Well done! that post rocked! i have one of your visors and did replace it after seeing my eyes in a couple of photos. i was never unhappy with your product or service though, and am glad to see that you are reading the feedback and taking it to heart.

if this was ebay: A+++++ GREAT SERVICE!!!! said:
Thanks for all your comments and critiques, I will use this information to build a better T-Visor! A darker, more ........curvy-front T-Visor!! I encourage anyone with any comments or suggestions to please contact me. Thanks for your time.

Class act my man! (y) (y)
Nice post T-visor. I did not start this thread to bash your product. I think your visors are very good. I was just having problems with seeing my face with camera flashes, so I ordered from another source. I just wanted to give my fellow TDH'ers some info, for anyone that may be having the same issues. It's great that you are using this feedback in a positive way. I am working on a new bucket as we speak, and will be in need of a visor for it. I would be glad to try one of your new improved visors when you have them ready. I can even do some new comparison pics with installed visors.
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