Vest pattern?

I just talked to good old mom on this. She is saying that you can take news paper (this is how they did it back in the old days) and shape it to what you want on your body. Now you have to do this part by part (shoulders, front and back)and then pin it all together. She said use some cheep material for the first vest just to make sure that its the right size and fit. After that take apart the one you just made or use the paper pat again to make the one you really want to use.

She also to me to print out all the pic's I can get of the vest so I have something to work off of. And she going to help out with the neck seal thing. If I can figure out how to print the pat's off on the computer or e-mail them out I will but that might be a month or two. Im not all that great with a computer but for the better of us all ill try.
Hi Shortimer.
I got a real deal on it. I just hope it's not one of those "you get what you pay for kind of things". The guy is out of Australia. Hanger18collectables I think he goes by. Because of the time difference, the auction ended at 4:30AM my time (EST). I had NO snipers and no competition. I've seen other pieces he's done have several bidders though, so maybe I got lucky.
My winning bid was $75.00. I was pretty happy with that, but then I realized that it was in AU dollars which translated into $56.15! Of course shipping was something like 30 or 40 bucks to get it over here and insure it, pay whatever duties, etc. Grand total was around $95.00 delivered. That's with fiberglass earpieces, the visor and RF.
It's in a kit form, so I'll have to do a bit of sanding and primering and all. That's OK though. If it turns out to be as nice as the pictures, I plan on doing more business with them.

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