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I have been asked by a few members if I would be ordering any more of the vest fabric that Rogue Studios and I offered earlier in the year. If there is enough interest to meet their minimum order, I will order more of it. The cost is the same, $16/yd (US) plus shipping. Two and a half yards should be enough for most average-sized Fetts to make one vest (inner and outer layers) plus a neckseal. If you are a big boy, ordering three yards won't hurt. This is the fabric I used on my vest as well as what several other members used on theirs. I no longer have the extreme close-up comparison pics of this fabric next to the real vest, but I can say that it is pretty darn close.

This thread is to gauge interest if it will be worth ordering more of this fabric. The cost to have a roll of this stuff shipped isn't cheap (the last roll weighed 75 lbs.), but that cost is factored into the $16.00. The cost to ship your order to you is not included in that price and will be determined. We underestimated it last time and took a loss on the project, so I will make sure I get a more accurate price this time around.

If you are seriously interested in getting in on this, post it here along with how much you want. If the minimum is met, I will post the payment info. Don't ask for that info now as I won't place an order if the interest just isn't there. If I do place an order, the money would be due after the first of the year.

Here is the link to the thread from the first order for reference.

Confirmed List:

  1. <LI> reidemiller 3 yds. <font color="#FF0033">RECEIVED
    <LI> Rednave 3 yds. <font color="#FF0033">RECEIVED
    <LI> Lynn TXP 0369 3 yds. <font color="#FF0033">RECEIVED
    <LI> Badblood 4 yds. <font color="#FF0033">RECEIVED
    <LI> dengar99 3 yds. <font color="#FF0033">RECEIVED
    <LI> Arn-Ma Brlou 3 yds. <font color="#FF0033">RECEIVED
    <LI> webchief 2-1/2 yds. <font color="#FF0033">RECEIVED
    <LI> Loranar_Fett 3 yds. <font color="#FF0033">RECEIVED
    <LI> Sleezy 3 yds. <font color="#FF0033">RECEIVED
    <LI> bobasfett 6 yds. <font color="#FF0033">RECEIVED
    <LI> kurtyboy 6 yds. <font color="#FF0033">RECEIVED
    <LI> Fett2210 3 yds. <font color="#FF0033">RECEIVED
    <LI> Richie's Armor 2.5 yds. <font color="#FF0033">RECEIVED
    <LI> batninja 5 yds. <font color="#FF0033">RECEIVED
i am interested, after seeing yours and all the other awesome fett costumes at midohiocon , i feel i need to retire my boba, as your guys costumes were miles ahead of mine , i simply cant compete with you guys ( feel kinda ashamed to stand next to you guys now)......anyway , i am starting over , from teh ground up on my boba costume, so i guess i'm interested, you've seen me , i am a LARGE MAN ....( 6'2" , 300 ) i guess 4 yards??.....( still trying to locate the correct pattern, and figure out how to enlarge it).......????

- next con you see me at , i'll be another character untill i can ""raise my bar"" a little bit
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Never give up man...never!!!!! :)

I have some of this fabric and it's pretty awesome! Still waiting to make the vest though...
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Any pics? The ones in that other thread don't work. Also is it still true that it's not accurate color for ESB, but more for ROTJ?
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Foxbatkllr wrote:

Any pics? The ones in that other thread don't work. Also is it still true that it's not accurate color for ESB, but more for ROTJ?
I cannot say for sure that the fabric used on the ESB vest and RotJ vest are not the same due to a lack of any hi-res pictures of it. I will let your eyes be the judge. As for it matching the RotJ vest, we do have hi-res pics to compare it to which you can see by clicking HERE.
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My last two turned out very nice with this material. Put me down for 5 yds, BF. Let me know when you need the money.

To those sitting on the fence about this stuff, my advice is to order now. Last time, there were quite a few who didn't jump on this offer, and missed out on an awesome deal. They were kicking themselves later, when they saw the material at cons and other events.

It's like the McRib sandwich. You may see the offer every now and then, but only for a limited time. :)
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batninja wrote:

It's like the McRib sandwich. You may see the offer every now and then, but only for a limited time. :)


That's a running joke with me buddies and I. The McRib was the best!

Anyway, I'll jump in for two yards, as long as I can pay with money order. Let me know when I need to send it off.

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I'm interested......
I missed this the first time around as I wasn't paying attention to the threads, plus I was busy with my little girl.

3 yards please...

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Fresh off of my scout armor, I've learned two things:

1) Don't try to reinvent the wheel, just but what's already worked for others, and

2) When given beer money, my college age sister can sew like a pro!

I would be interested in 3 yards, please.

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On second thought, you might want to put me down for 3 yards instead of two. I don't need a neckseal, but I also don't want to run out of material. That would suck.

Thanks! :)
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Good news, fellas. Doing the math, we should have enough interest to make their minimum order. I will let the list run through the end of the month with payments due by January 1st (PayPal preferred, but you can mail me the payment if you choose, just shoot me a PM first). I will post the shipping cost info tomorrow next to your name so you'll know how much to send. There is no obligation at this point if you change your mind, just let me know and I'll take your name off the list.
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From my experience, Air Mail to Canada is pretty close to what Priority Mail is in the US, just slower, so your cost will be the same as the Yanks. ;)
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