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i checked most of the threads and couldn't find any measurements for the cape and the veil...also material choice....are both pieces made from lamb or pig skin...i know the veil has a satin or silk underside that is red...anyone have a good source for that color and material? know when you get to the cape and the veil...not too much left...:)
We used the predyed purple suede stuff from tandy i think. BUT we had to leave it out in the sun for about 4 weeks before it was the correct color LOL

As for sizes we just cut it by eye :)
There aren't any "official" measurements that I know of. You kinda have to eyeball it. Heck, I didn't even cut them straight, rather tore them with sharp scissors.

The cape/veil I saw at FIDM looked like chamois leather to me - which had to be custom dyed. For my version 2.0 I'm going to try to make that. For now I also used that Purple Tandy pigskin suede - which I left out in the sun to bleach it to the right color. (Like I said before - the Arizona Sun is good for something! ;) )

As for the red veil lining - I used that Gentle Giant Zam Bust as my guide for the color (Because I liked it :) ). I bought the silk from Dharma Trading Company, and Silk Paint (easier than dye). I mixed in 2 different reds and a little black I think.

I dunno - the cape and the veil were two of the first things I made... ;)
To get it sit right across your nose (without it being too tight) we put it on Becky, attached it either side with little clamps. then marked it with little inscisions. So we had the horizontal length.

Vertical length, I'd say, again, put it on Jamie and do what you feel is right.

Bare in mind that the vertical sides drop at 90 but have 3 little folds in them (just below the ears) that help to frame Zam's face better.
Do the little folds and then check the vertical length

Looking at her in exhibitions, it looks like a shivering child has cut it for her.
The edges aren't neat at all.

We used wonderweb (iron on glue stuff that's used to help turn up trousers) to help with the silk liner. Again there are 2 vertical sew seams of about 2 inches to help with this too

cool feeling draping that veil across. Even I do it, LOL
so is the cape squareish? (is that even a word?) im just looking for a general size to go by. I know the back is all uneven and looks like a scrap piece, but how do you bunch it up in front with the cape seal? I was thinking of putting epoxying a pin clasp to the back of the cape seal and pinning the two edges in you do it basically like we all did with towels when we were kids pretending to be super heros?:lol:
nope. I'd say its more of a trapezoid with a longer bottom edge
It does drop at more or less 90 from the ear pieces down but that's cos of your nose making it rise outward

I'll draw something horrid in Paint now and host it. No pun intended but....hang on ;)

Right, here she blows in glorious detail and colour. Sorry, color ;)

right, thats the veil...i was wondering about the cape...but that does make sense for the veil and the picture actually does help for that thanks
Well.. mine is shaped like a large triangle... with a round "bite" taken out of it for my neck. :lol: I ended up finishing the inside edge (rolling it over and sewing it. I also added darts to the leather to hold the folds in place and then put in eyelets to hold the brooch in place and not rip the leather.

Does that make any sense at all..????
i think i hearing that unfortunatley there is no real good evidence on how the cape really looks open? i was planning on using the extra white pigskin ive got for the cape and the veil...
that's what I did with Becky's too :)

Put it on with a rubbish bit of cloth and cut that out if I were you, then cut the skin

Hope you like the drawing. It took me ages
so john, was re-reading this thread and was stated that the silk liner for the veil has stitch lines on the outside edge...does that mean it isnt on the top and bottom? i was thinking of making a basic pocket and turning it inside out then stitching the bottom with a straight stitch? I suppose that wouldnt look totally right with the jaggared edges on the top an bottom eh? how did you account for that?
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