Uk seller of soft parts???


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I'm about to start my own Fett costume for the first time. I'm wondering if there are any British members here who may know of a good place to get my soft parts? Jumpsuit, vest etc.?

Or even an overseas seller that takes paypal?? OR, even patterns for making your own I'm game to have a go at anything.

I'm not quite ready to buy yet but it'd be handy to know in advance, I'm hoping to shed some pounds this year and would rather wait 'til I'm ready to get all this stuff.

Thanks for the link. The items there are very nice indeed. I'm not a hardcore fett boy yet but they do look good.

Like I said though, cost is an issue for me. £75 for the vest alone is quite high, for me at the moment anyway. Are there less expensive items out there or fabric patterns to create your own?
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